Meet the Economics Professor Running Against Socialist Democrat Ocasio-Cortez

Operation Education

It's no secret that Anthony Pappas can't win the general election in November. There aren't enough Republicans that live in Queens and the Bronx to pull off such an upset. But as a Professor he has a message for all the voters in New York: Economic Prosperity depends on expanding opportunity and individual liberty. His campaign Motto is "Sensible Solutions for a Kinder World."

America / Equal Opportunity

Crony Capitalism

Free Markets does not mean unregulated markets. There area always regulations to make sure there is a level playing field between first to market and those entering the market for the first time, that protects companies, consumers, and the environment. But the regulations that are created overwhelmingly favor multi-national corporations that can afford the lobbyists to bend the rules in their favor. To Big To Fail can mean that a disruptive startup has road blocks intentionally put in their way from market entry. You need look no further than the constant battle between Uber and the traditional Taxi Companies.

A simple practical policy to reduce cronyism is to encourage candidates not to accept corporate campaign contributions. These contributions are perfectly legal but not all things that are legal are profitable for society.