Hipster Politicians by Amit Shimoni
Hipster Politicians by Amit Shimoni

Our Approach

Conservatives Principles, Present Realities. Individual Liberty is the bedrock on which we stand. We Love Liberals. We just philosophically disagree with their solutions. A more perfect Union can be created through good governance that doesn't favor one demographic, race, geography, state, or class over another. We haven't done that in the past. The past is full of white dominance, rich dominance, and corporate dominance. The result has been racial injustice, economic inequality, and crony capitalism. WE can do better.

Our Story

Love of People. Love of Country. Angry at injustice. Action.

Meet the Team

Individually we are normal people. Collectively, we are bad ass, world class, status quo disruptors.

Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

Happy Warrior

Eric Teagan

Vice President

Live's in the Shire

Timothy Barrett


Hate's politics


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