Campaign Strategy

Running for office? Our team of seasoned campaign veterans are here to help. For those who believe as we do we work pro bono.


We aren't the people who believe you need to raise millions. We are the people who think you need to raise exactly what you need to win, not a penny more. Let us help you get there.

Build your audience

No one is successful in politics by whispering. You need to get your message out to as many people as possible. Let us give you a megaphone.

Campaign Finance

Justice Republicans don't take money that doesn't have a first and last name. If it's a PAC, Association, or Corporation those donations have no meaning unless someone is willing to put their name on the disclosure form.

Startup Life

Justice Republicans freely share their insights and knowledge with like minded Reformers. Movements grow together and die together. Sharing is caring.


We Aren't Tired of Winning Yet! But we can't do it alone! The majority of our donations are only $5. Won't you take a minute and become one of our favorite Patriots? Donate RIGHT NOW. MERRY CHRISTMAS.